Assessors for PAS 9880

PAS 9980 is guidance, published by the British Standards Institution, which sets out a standard method of appraising the fire risk presented by external wall construction and cladding for existing multistorey, multi-occupied residential buildings.

Under the PAS 9980 guidance, a Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls (FRAEW) will involve reviewing plans of documents relating to the building, verifying building materials, analysing material test data and establishing how the building is likely to react in a fire.

Materials that fall under the scope of the guidance include cladding systems, substrates, insulation, glazing and any wall attachments such as balconies.

While the PAS 9980 guidance is focused on buildings in England, the principles can be applied throughout the UK to appraise the fire risks presented by external walls. They should be considered alongside local standards.

Under the PAS 9980 guidelines, buildings will then be given a risk rating of low, medium or high.

Establishing a risk rating is based on a combination of factors, including how fast a fire is likely to spread, the consequences of secondary fires and what evacuation and rescue strategies are in place.

The fire risk assessment required by PAS 9980 is not within the competence of the typical fire risk assessor. However, Brooker Diamond’s chartered building surveyors and chartered fire engineers are qualified to make these assessments.


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