Fire Engineering Design Service

Brooker Diamond Fire Engineering Limited offer a fire engineering design service covering all aspects of building and process fire safety. Fire Strategies can be prepared for life safety to comply with legislation, for reducing potential commercial loss and business interruption and to protect property and the environment.

We not only provide designs based on prescriptive regulations and codes of practice but are fully conversant with the preparation of fire safety design from first principles and liaising with regulatory authorities.

Brooker Diamond Fire Engineering Limited can undertake independent reviews of fire protection specifications, tenders, fire engineering calculations and computer fire modelling.

Brooker Diamond Fire Engineering Limited offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements. This ranges from undertaking fire risk assessments to ensuring current legislative requirements are met, or the provision of fire engineering input from design to completion.

Our Fire Engineering Services include

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  • Design for means of escape
  • Fire compartmentation schemes
  • Passive fire protection
  • Design and specification of fire detection and suppression systems
  • Structural protection
  • Smoke Control
  • Selection of building materials
  • Protection of safety critical systems
  • Process fire safety
  • Commissioning and verification of installed systems
  • Acceptance of works on behalf of clients
  • Development of fire safety management systems

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