EWS1 Surveys

The EWS1 process was developed as a way for property owners to confirm to valuers and lenders that an external wall system has been assessed by a qualified professional.

Our team will look at cladding, insulation and fire break systems to confirm how they will react in the event of a fire.

The external wall system (EWS) survey form has two options:

  • Option A is for buildings where the materials used in the external wall would be unlikely to support combustion.
  • Option B is for buildings requiring a more detailed review (and hence a higher level of fire expertise – which Brooker Diamond are qualified to provide) as combustible materials are present in an external wall.

If you think you may require an EWS1 form, please get in touch with our cladding helpline on 0333 242 2194.

EWS1 Survey

Single Building Assessments

The Single Building Assessment programme (SBA) relates to Scotland only. It is set out in the Scottish Advice Note: Determining the fire risk posed by external wall systems in existing multistorey residential buildings.

The pilot phase of the programme is nearing completion. A further phase is due to be launched in spring 2023.

Brooker Diamond are one of the appointed companies currently undertaking Single Building Assessments as part of the pilot phase.

Chartered and Fully Insured

Brooker Diamond has both chartered fire engineers and chartered building surveyors authorised to undertaken both EWS1 and Single Building Assessments and act as signatories.

Brooker Diamond can arrange for cladding removal and testing.

We also hold full professional indemnity Insurance cover for undertaking all types of cladding surveys.

We can provide a copy of our verification of cover upon request in advance of any instructions.

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